• All plastic bottles, cups & containers

  • Household bottles, jars & jugs

  • Dairy containers & lids

  • Produce, bakery & deli containers & lids

Do NOT Accept

  • Plastic bags, wrap or film

  • Motor oil bottles

  • Styrofoam

                 Empty, rinse and replace caps & lids.



  • Newspaper & inserts

  • Cardboard & paperboard (food boxes)

  • Milk, juice & soup cartons

  • Junk mail & catalogs

  • Office & school papers

  • Phone books, softcover books, hardcover books & magazines

Do NOT Accept 


  • Shredded paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Pet food bags

Take confidential documents to shred event for shredding & recycling.

Flatten and cut boxes to 2ft by 2ft or smaller.



  • Food & beverage bottles and jars

Do NOT Accept

  • Window glass

  • Ceramics, china or drinking glasses

Empty and rise.



  • Aluminum bottles & cans

  • Steel, tin & bi-metal cans

  • Empty aerosol cans (except if it contained a pesticide)

Do NOT Accept

  • Aluminum pans or foil

  • Empty paint cans

  • Scrap metal

Empty and rinse. 

Recycling Guide

2020 Northeast Wisconsin Recycle Guide

  • Place all recyclables loosely in your bin

  • Plastic bags harm the sorting equipment and should be recycling at local retail locations that accept plastic bags and film

  • Flatten boxes

  • Empty and rinse all bottles and containers

  • Replace all plastic screw caps

  • No need to remove labels

  • Metal jar lids are recyclable

What To Do When You're Away From Home

car away from home.jpg

State and local laws require recycling both at home and away from home. All events and gatherings must provide ways to collect recyclable clean cardboard, aluminum cans and glass or plastic bottles. Such events include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting competitions, conventions, reunions, weddings and other gatherings outside of the home.

With a little advance planning, event organizers can arrange to collect recyclables, reduce waste, save on disposal costs and even generate income.

Follow these links for tips on how to continue recycling away from home or